My Experience with Difficult Alcohol and Drug Rehab Admissions

True translation in alcoholic/addict lingo: Allow me to employ my skills of manipulation honed over years of alcohol and drug abuse to get what I want… again.
The “I’ll only come if…” excuse always comes with a certain condition a substance abuser offers in exchange for agreeing to go to alcohol and drug rehab. I’ve talked to future guests of Discovery Place’s 30-day residential program who’ve told me they’ll show up when a few areas of their life improve. Here’s the twisted irony: they probably believe what they are saying.

The honest truth is that if I am talking to a future guest of Discovery Place, or his family, there’s an almost certain chance life his not going to improve without a thorough introduction to sobriety and recovery in a residential setting. I say sobriety and recovery because there’s a difference between the two. Many get sober for periods of time, usually short-lived; but in Discovery Place’s experience, the only men who stay sober and live happy get involved in recovery.

Rebuttal: It’s time to start playing by the rules of an organization that knows recovery. And Discovery knows recovery. If a facility prohibits cell phones and personal vehicles, there’s a good reason why. This is not a negotiation. You are going to rehab.
Discovery Place Delusion of Addiction

  1. Everyone will find out I drink too much/use drugs.

True translation in alcoholic/addict lingo: I have this seriously warped sense of reality because I am drunk and high all the time, so I think no one knows I’m the reincarnation of Cooter Brown.
I remember a Discovery Place guest telling me about the time he told his mom he was an alcoholic. She looked at him and said, “…now everyone knows.” Alcoholics and drug addicts are usually the last to accept the fact that using substances successfully is not an option.

With all the crazy behavior that comes with partying like a rock star, most people who knew me when I was in active alcohol and drug abuse were all too familiar with my substance problems. Hell, even people I didn’t know heard the rumors.

Despite thinking I was a clandestine drunken junkie, maybe even the world’s most interesting man, reality didn’t fit my perception. Everyone around town knew I had monster issues with alcohol and drugs. I was even featured on the five o’clock news… primetime baby! A few years later, I won the award for best car chase with the cops and had a nice newspaper article with my full name. My mom and dad were so proud.

Rebuttal: Most people already know.

  1. There’s no way I’m letting you guys pay that kind of money for me to go to rehab.

True translation in alcoholic/addict lingo: I need the money you guys usually give me for alcohol and/or drugs… not REHAB!
Chronic enabling is traditionally present in almost all potential drug rehab admissions. There’s usually a family member or friend providing a place to stay or some money for a substance-abusing loved one.

Someone who offers this excuse is really saying they don’t want to go to rehab. I can assure you that active alcoholics/drug addicts’ concern for your financial stability is similar to Bernie Madoff’s concern for his client portfolios. Give them money, and everything is cool. Offer to help them change their life in profoundly positive ways, and an addict’s mind goes berserk.

Rebuttal: We want to help you change, and it’s time to change. You never complained when we gave you money in the past. If you’d like, you can pay us (family and friends) back when you get on your financially stable and sober.
Drug Rehab Admissions Help
The best way to help an active alcoholic or drug addict find alcohol and drug rehab is through consultation with a qualified admissions coordinator. Discovery Place employs three non-commissioned men with quality sobriety and experience with drug rehab admissions. We’ll even pick you or your loved one up for free or utilize the services of a qualified interventionist. If we can help, give us a call or schedule a call in the form below.

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