Drug Rehab Excuses – Don’t Get Fooled

  1. I have to take care of a few things before I go.

True translation in alcoholic/addict lingo: I need some more time to drink and/or drug my brains away.
This excuse is really just a stall tactic to buy more time. As we say in sobriety, some people have some “running” left to do. Running, in this sense, refers to more drinking and drugging. What you have to remember is that alcoholics and drug addicts hone their skills of manipulation out of necessity. No one using alcohol and drugs in grotesque amounts can live an honest, presentable life.

Rebuttal: You can pry and ask what things they intend to take care of; however, the most effective stance is to firmly let them know they can take care of it when rehab is complete.

  1. I can’t leave/quit my job.

True translation in alcoholic/addict lingo: I’m probably about to lose my job anyway, and I’ll need that paycheck and additional time to pound the bar at 3am on a Tuesday.
Discovery Place Drunk at Work

This is probably the most popular excuse I hear, both from family and friends. The truth is that they are probably about to lose their job, and excessive alcohol/drug abuse presents immediate dangers. If the situation is so serious that alcohol and drug rehab is a genuine consideration, it’s time to have a frank discussion with your employer. There’s a very good chance they know already.

Despite alcoholics and addicts, like myself, thinking we are the James Bond of the substance abuse underworld, truth is that many people already know we have alcohol and drug problems. An honest conversation with an employer may actually salvage a job.

I understand that, in today’s economy, it can be difficult to find employment. But you are going to be a better employee sober. A lot better. In Nashville, where Discovery Place is just a short drive away, we have weathered the economy like a boss. Guests coming out of our 30-day residential program and long-term program have no problems finding employment, especially ones with a professional background.

Rebuttal: You’ll be a better employee sober. And your life is on the line here. That’s the priority. You can always find a new job, but you only get one shot at life. (full disclosure: some alcoholics and drug addicts have been resuscitated and brought back from the dead, usually after an overdose)

  1. I’ll only come if I can (any number of reasons like… drive my car to rehab… bring a cell phone with me… use a computer while I’m there… call my girlfriend on an hourly basis…)

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