Let’s face it. People at the end of a long run of alcohol and drug abuse are bonkers. And I’m not talking maybe-I-should-see-a-therapist crazy. I’m talking call-Homeland-Security-immediately crazy. The families I talk to find themselves in crisis situations. Their loved one is guzzling booze and/or drugs like its Christmas in Amsterdam, and they usually don’t know what to do. This article will try and approach the topic with a measure of humor, but if you or a loved one need help, it’s no laughing matter.

The difficult drug rehab admissions cases I deal with usually have one primary characteristic: resistance to rehab. What the person with substance abuse problems doesn’t realize is that, like Darth Vader said, resistance is futile. If they have a serious addiction-related issue, and it’s almost 100% they do if I am talking to concerned family and friends, then alcohol and drug rehabilitation is a fortunate option.
That may sound strange to say – that the fortunate ones end up in alcohol and drug rehab. But it’s the God’s honest truth. Some families I talk to have loved ones incarcerated. Other families have already experienced the death of a loved one from the disease of addiction. It’s the nature of the disease – ugly and devastating.

There’s something I call the “window of willingness.” This is a term that refers to the tendency for people considering alcohol and drug rehabilitation to be open to the concept for a short time. Family might exhaust their energy and resources trying to convince their loved one to go. Yet in almost all difficult cases, it is the substance abuser who provides a host of excuses for why drug and alcohol rehab is a bad idea.

If you are a family member or friend of someone who needs help with alcohol and/or drug abuse, you may encounter one of these excuses (hopefully not all of them). Unfortunately, I see family and friends fall victim to these lame reasons. Don’t feel guilty if you have. Alcoholics and drug addicts are notorious for manipulation. In these situations too, despite age, substance abusers are apt to act like a child throwing a temper tantrum. That’s why I’ll provide a nice rebuttal you can offer in return!

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